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  • The glass covered fluid extractor is designed with a oil storage in a large glass cover of 12 liters is used to find the volume of the sucked oil.
  • Appends many suction tubes and applicable oil, transmission oil, brake oil, etc.
  • Does not spark during work.
  • Capacity of the tank: 80 liters.

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  • 1 x Pneumatic device for pumping technical liquids with a measuring container.
  • 1 x Brake oil tube.
  • 5 x Set of probes (+1 spare tube):
    • 6 Ø x 750 mm (Length).
    • 7 Ø x 750 mm (Length).
    • 6 Ø x 920 mm (Length).
    • 7 Ø x 920 mm (Length).
    • 3/8″ Ø x 640 mm (Length).


  • Do not use the device to collect flammable liquids.
  • Do not use the device to collect acids, alkali, or toxic liquids.
  • Do not exceed the maximum level on the bottle.

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