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  • The cylinder leakage tester set has a input pressure gauge which displays the input air pressure for proper cylinder leakage test setup and accurate results.
  • Pressure gauge range is 0 – 100 psi (0 – 700 kPa) in 2 psi (20 kPa) increments.
  • Cylinder leakage gauge display leakage as a percentage of input pressure with 3 distinctive zones of high, moderate, and low.
  • With a M14 and M18 adapters assembled on a 26″ hose.

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  • Pneumatic tester = 1 pc.
  • 660 mm hose with 1/2″ quick release adapter = 1 pc.
  • M14 and M18 adapters = 1 pc.


  • The tester set is intended for use in gasoline engines.


  • It is forbidden to hit the tester, throw it or place various objects on it. This can damage the tester.
  • Before connecting or disconnecting the hose, check the regulator and make sure it is turned fully counter-clockwise. This step is very important as it prevents the gauge from being damaged by a sudden increase in pressure, or a sudden drop of pressure.

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