• The crankshaft and camshaft alignment tool is used for the alignment of the camshafts and crankshafts on in-line 4, 5 and 6 cylinder. Twin cam motors through 2006.
  • Used to correct the installation of the camshaft with the cam cover.
  • May also be used to align the camshaft with the cam cover.
  • Application: Volvo models 850, 960, S40, S70 and S90.
  • Engines: B6254GS, B6294T, B5234T4, 86294S2, B5244S6, 2.B5234FS, B4184S2, B5254FS M4.4, B4204T2, B5244S4, B5254T, B5234T9, 4T3 (US) (CDN), B6304S3, 85204T4, B5244S5, B5204T3, B5204FS, 252FS, 85254FS, M 4.3, B4194T, B6294S, B5244T4, B6254FS, B41S4S, 234T6, B5234T2, B6304FS2, GB5252S, B4204S2, B4204T, B5244S2, B5204T5, B5244T7, B4184S9, B4204T4, B6284T, B5234T5, B63Q4FS, B4204T3, B5244SG2, B6244FS, B4184SJ, B4204T2 CWT, B5244T7, B6304GS, B5254T4, B4184S3, B5234T3, B5244T2, B5244T5, B52S4T2, 4184S10, B4194T2, B5254T3, B5254S DENSO, B4164S, B5254FS LH 3.2, 44SG, B5244T, B4204T5, B5202FS, B4164S2 and D4192T2.

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