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  • The diesel compression tester kit is used to diagnose the tightness of the engine combustion chamber.
  • The common checking diesel compression tester comes with a wide range of adapters.
  • The kit provides high quality hydraulic gauge with a modern design rubber jacket.
  • Includes full glow plug and injector adapters.
  • Additional clamp-on adapters in case to provide more application to truck, van, bus, marine, and agricultural vehicles.

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  • Pressure gauge (70 bar / 100 psi), length: 400 mm = 1 pc.
  • Glow plug adapters = 22 pcs.
  • Adapter 90° = 1 pc.
  • Nozzle adapters = 5 pcs.
  • Clamp set.


  • Glow plug adapters: М12 х 1.25, L17.5 mm; М12 х 1.25, L20 mm; М10 х 1.25, L28.5 mm; М10 х 1.25, L42 mm; М10 х 1.25, L45 mm; М10 х 1.25, L44 mm; М10 х 1.0, L54 mm; М10 х 1.0, L43 mm; М10 х 1.0, L26 mm; М10 х 1.25, L32 mm; М10 х 1.0, L35 mm; М12 х 1.25, L58 mm; М10 х 1.0, L71 mm; М10 х 1.0, L59 mm; М8 х 1.0, L61 mm; М10 х 1.25, L85 mm; М10 х 1.0, L80 mm; М10 х 1.25, L102 mm; М9 х 1.0, L88 mm; М10 х 1.25, L85 mm; М10 х 1.0, L73 mm;
  • Adapters for injectors: М22 х 1.5, L43 mm; М24 х 1.5, L28 mm; М20 х 1.5, L29 mm; М24 х 2.0, L26 mm; L69 mm.


  • Suitable for most car brands.

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